Emotional and Mental Health

Connect to Your Higher Power

An integral part of health and wellness is to recognize that there is an energy that connects us all to each and to the environment around us. Whether you are Christian Muslim, Buddhist, or of any other faith when you pray to our creator we are all addressing the same entity. Even the Athiest must admit that scientifically at an atomic level we are constantly sharing energy with everything around us and that there is more that we don't understand than we do. Humbly submitting to this energy in whatever way we are comfortable is extremely important. In order to do this most effectively we must be in control of our stress response.  If we are in a constant state of fight or flight we are unable to have peace in our lives. Through movement and breathing training we empower the members of our community to take control of their stress response and put themselves in a peaceful place on a daily basis regardless of what is happening in their surroundings.