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Founded in 2016..

welcome to our mission

Triad Fit Kids' main purpose is providing access to healthful education and sport to underprivileged families in Orange county.


While visiting his family’s coffee farm in El Salvador in 2018, Dr. Jared Young learned children in the village could not afford the $1/day transportation cost to continue their education beyond the 6th grade.




Since 2019, along with the help of generous donors, TFK has provided access to education both in person and online, high speed internet, and holistic health solutions across OC and El Salvador. 

Additional Completed Projects:

Our ongoing mission is to empower through education.

To do this, we have created four core principles:

  1. providing holistic health care

  2. access to basic and health education to under privileged children

  3. nutritious food access through sustainable accessible farming

  4. cultivating entrepreneurial mindset to develop self sustaining and philanthropic mindset 

Dr. Jared saw an opportunity to provide solutions to the community in El Salvador as he had in OC. 

Current Projects:

For as little as $1, you can help continue a child’s education

The primary focus of TFK is to use commerce to fund philanthropic efforts & empower individuals impacted by donations to pay it forward within their communities 

Your donation matters


Consider donating your time or your money today-

we appreciate you.

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