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Triad Fit Kids

Serving the world one community at a time.

Our Projects

Triad Fit Kids aims to empower kids with the education, tools, and opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life. In order to reach these goals, we work with communities to use the resources that they have available and work to connect them with donors of time, resources, and money who are willing to help.

A chance for a better future.

Educate and Empower

In order to have hope for a better future it's imperative that we give young people and children with limited resources the opportunity to have access to study. Since 2018 we have been working with the community leaders from Santiago de Chile, a small town on Chichontepec, a volcano located in the province of San Vicente in El Salvador. With donations from generous donors we have been able to pay for the transportation needed to get the middle school and high school students to get to school. Additionally we have been able to provide high speed internet access to the elementary school that is in the village that has been equipped with a computer center through donations from the Embassy of Chile in San Salvador. Currently we're working on getting the kids laptops that they need for distance learning.


Aquaphonic Farm

Let food be the medicine.

We are using this Sustainable method of raising both fish and vegetables in order to help the community in Chichontepec Volcano. By training and empowering people from the Santiago de Chile Village, we are helping them to make them self sustainable.


Emotional Health

Connect to Your Higher Power

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Financial Health

Self Reliance

We are working wit kids in under privelaged communities to learn to be self sufficient financially. Specifically this year we are teaching the youth of Santiago del Chile on the volcano known as Chichontepec to make jewelry from locally sourced volcanic rock. These bracelets will hold essential oils and act as a personal diffuser. If you would like to support this effort please click the link below to place an order. 100% of the proceeds will go toward the funding of these kids´ transportation to school.


Our Story

The Triad Fit Kids Journey

Triad Fit Kids was founded in 2016 in Orange County California with the mission of providing healthy lifestyle training opportunities for kids. Public schools and the government in general seem to be so overwhelmed and focused on other things that the actual health and vitality of our kids is suffering. We believe that healthy kids are the key to a healthy future for all of us and we believe that most people agree and would be willing to help kids have a healthier life if given the opportunity to help in a way that they could trust was actually happening.  Triad Fit Kids has been structure so that 100% of the administrative costs are covered from revenue generated businesses run by the non-profit so that 100% of all donations will go directly to the project for which the donation is intended to support. Transparency and accountability are key principles we adhere to. 

In 2017 and 2018 we ran strength and conditioning programs for youth sports teams with an emphasis on functional movement to avoid injury.

In January 2019 we started funding the transportation of a group of middle school and high school aged kids from their remote village in El Salvador to the closest school to them.  

In April of 2019 we started an initiative to upgrade the small almost abandoned dispensary in their village into a Wellness Clinic with support from doctors and other healthcare providers from across the globe.  

This initiative has grown to include plans for an aquaponic farm to provide the residents with fresh vegetables and fish to feed themselves and hopefully provide a surplus that they can use to become self sufficient nutritionally and financially as a community.

We're also going to bring high speed internet to the village to allow for remote learning. We will be teaching the kids how to start and run a business online to allow them to be financially self-reliant.

If any or all of these sound remotely interesting to you and you feel lke you can help in any way please let us know how you think can help.

Kid Climbing Wall

"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

Marcus Aurelius

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